About Taylor A. Mezo

Taylor Mezo is a ceramic artist from Illinois who works primarily in sculptural and functional ware. She creates vessels by using a mixture of wheelthrowing and handbuilding techniques. She is currently studying for her BFA at Governor State University.


Any questions, offers, or commission requests can be directed toward taylormz@aol.com.

Artist Statement

My work explores the use of geometric shapes and lines through ceramics in a constructivist manner. I have been increasingly influenced by  shapes, polygons, angles, lines, and form, which I use create a sense of drama in my art. This obsession with geometry has led me to create art with an angular, abstract nature. When I make a piece of art I am very concerned with it's aesthetic and overall visual presence. I would consider the appearance to be more important than function in my work.


Currently I am interested in using ceramics as a means of interior design. I like to create art for the home, art that will enhance the interior of a space and elevate it to a more aesthetically pleasing level. This tends to be more decorative and nonfunctional. I think a lot about space, the space that each piece will occupy, and how these shapes will affect the space around it. I don't want to make art that the viewer just glances at and simply passes by. Instead, I want to create work that demands attention and causes the viewer to stop, evaluate, discuss, and admire it for it's distinct composition. 


I draw a lot of my inspiration from mid century modern furniture and graphic design. I have discovered that each vessel starts from simple forms and then evolves until they have their own individual personality. My art merges the familiar (simple shapes like circles, triangles, and squares) with the unfamiliar (obtuse angles, scalene shapes, and self intersecting lines). I create my work by adding handbuilt elements to wheelthrown vessels. I add geometric shapes to the outside of my pots to extend the form and create a certain silhouette.

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