About Taylor A. Mezo

Taylor Mezo is a ceramic artist from Illinois who works primarily in sculptural and functional ware. Using red earthenware, she creates vessels by using a mixture of wheelthrowing and handbuilding techniques. In December 2019, she graduated with her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Governors State University. Recently Taylor has participated in short term residencies at Penland School of Craft and Peter's Valley School of Craft. 


Any questions, offers, or commission requests can be directed toward taylormz@aol.com.

Artist Statement

My pots start out as simple wheel thrown forms that evolve until they have their own individual personalities. Each pot is punctuated with geometric slabs to complicate how the silhouette is viewed. By combining simple geometric shapes to the outside of vessels, I’m able to create multiple different silhouettes. When making a pot, I think a lot about space; the space that each piece will occupy, and how these shapes will affect the space around it. There is no one single way to view the pot, each turn surprises you.  Much of my process revolves around the use of a potter’s wheel. I am drawn to the wheel because of its ability to make a perfect circle. My pots are grounded in function, with a dramatic flair towards sculpture. Balance is a key aspect of my work; balance between positive and negative space, glazed and unglazed surfaces, void and mass, emptiness and solidity, and flat slabs with voluminous forms. My vessels are derived from the underlying structures of natural and man-made forms. Every object has an underlying geometric structure. Classic cars, flowers, antique bicycles, and mid century modern furniture are just a few things that I draw inspiration from. Often times I am borrowing forms from these things and reworking them, creating fresh interpretations of historical designs. My interest in clay is less about the tactility or utility of a finished piece, but more about the primacy and perception of form.

Currently I am interested in using ceramics as a means of interior design. The home is a safe space that reflects the personality of its occupants. Anxiety attacks and depressive episodes have caused me to spend a lot of time alone in the comfort of my own home. Because of this, I have a strong desire to create pieces that adorn interior spaces. Whether it be through functional dinnerware or striking sculptural pieces, I strive to create works that adorn and embellish home life. I want my work to not only occupy a space, but also define it.


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